Robert K. George, Esq.


Robert has more than 39 years experience as a lawyer in private practice and serving as general corporate counsel. His background includes private corporate finance; mergers and acquisitions; a wide range of business, corporate and commercial transactions; as well as substantial experience in the areas of real estate, corporate governance, and business strategies.

Robert has been active in the business community as well as the legal community. Robert was a co-founder of a community bank. Robert was also a co-founder a telecommunications company that was successfully acquired by a national telecommunications service provider.

He received his J.D. from Pepperdine University in 1974. Robert is licensed to practice in California and the Federal courts, and has practiced before the California Department of Financial Institutions and the California Public Utilities Commission. Robert has completed the mediation and negotiation program for lawyers and judges at the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution. Robert served as a volunteer judge pro tem for the Los Cerritos Court from 1980-1987.

Robert now specializes in mediation. He is a member of the mediation panel for the Orange County Superior Court and was a member of the mediation panel of the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Robert has successfully assisted parties in resolving hundreds of difficult matters. He is often called upon to resolve disputes after previous attempts at settlement have proven ineffective. Robert’s extensive and varied legal and business experience, combined with a flexible facilitation of the mediation process, Robert has successfully helped parties resolve matters in a broad range of fields including personal injury, construction defects, contract disputes, fraud, intellectual property, real estate, employment, corporations and partnerships,  product liability, unfair business practices, and  family law.

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