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Significant New Laws for California Businesses in 2014

Quite often new laws go into effect on January 1. This year was no different with several new laws on the books that may concern your business. Here is our list of some of the most important new California laws for 2014. New Laws for Limited Liabilit… Read More
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David Sparks Speaks to the American Bar Association

David Sparks spoke at the American Bar Association’s TechShow in Chicago. David is a nationally recognized speaker and author on the subjection of technology and productivity in law and is a frequent faculty member for the ABA TechShow. This ye… Read More
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News & Updates

As we’ve discussed before, California’s new “paid sick leave” law takes effect July 1st. The new law contains several traps for unwary employers. In addition to providing paid time off benefits, there are other important requirements: Workpla… Read More
Effective July 1, 2015, under the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014; all California employers must provide their California employees with at least three days or 24 hours of paid sick leave per year. COVERED EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES The… Read More
California’s overtime rules are very specific that employers shall be responsible for overtime compensation and define “hours worked” as “the time during which an employee is subject to the control of an employer, and includes all the time th… Read More